Dance of the Unknown: Unity Tuesday Lemonade

Actually, this Unity Tuesday, it's limoncello. Because why the hell not?
Actually, this Unity Tuesday, it’s limoncello. Because why the hell not?

This week, for your much needed mid-day break, we’re bringing you another funny meditation. This one’s a two-parter and, actually, neither part carries along with it very much explanation. Do you have five minutes? Ten? Are you really doing any work, anyway? Take a second and explore yourself and the wide weird cosmos. Because, again, why the hell not? It is Unity Tuesday, after all.

Meditation of the Unknown

Remarkably, this exercise is exactly what it sounds like. Take a minute, right where you are. Doesn’t matter if you’re sitting or standing. Doesn’t make a difference if you close your eyes or just stare them off unfocused into space. Think about all the crazy things you don’t know about. How, you may ask, do you think about the things you don’t know about, crazy mysteries that have never even been brought to your attention?

Well, that’s a question that can only be answered by taking a second and giving it a try. Maybe you’ll come up with something. If you do, write it down so you can think about it later – or share it in the comments or post it on Facebook. We can totally talk about this later if anyone is interested.

If you don’t come up with anything that you don’t know, you can laugh at how stupid you were to even try it and realize that you successfully completed the exercise after all. It’s an awesome set-up, a win-win.

Young Moon Boogie

The new moon of June was this past Saturday. Did you miss it? Probably. I know I did. The gravitational effects of the new moon are equal to those of the full moon, but it’s so much easier to overlook it because there’s nothing to actually see. It’s cool, we all do it.

So it’s still the early stages of the moon, which is always a good time to come right out front in the open with your intentions. What do you intend the next few weeks to be? I bet you hadn’t thought about it, but think about it now. Not what you want, or what you wish, or what you desire – what you intend. What are you going to make happen? Put it out there, hold it in your hand, think about it…and see yourself planting it in the ground and letting it grow.

Now is the time to do this. If you really want to mess around with this sort of thing, again, write it down and follow your course as the moon progresses – luckily enough for us culminating with a full moon the Sunday of Midsummer’s Weekend. Seriously, lucky us.

It's STILL Unity Tuesday, don't give up on it yet! Like the people you see, smile at the things you have to do. Let your heart be light. Seriously. Salaam, with a grin.
It’s STILL Unity Tuesday, don’t give up on it yet! Like the people you see, smile at the things you have to do. Let your heart be light. Seriously. Salaam, with a grin.

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