Another One Down – Goodnight to all, with Love

Yep, we did it.
Yep, we did it.

Well man, look back in pride:
We put to rest another one.
Unity Tuesday comes to a close,
Even as some light of these heady days remains aloft.
We lived again, another Tuesday, lived upon this Earth,
We lived together, ate together, spoke together, and laughed.
If we’ve any good fortune at all, we’ve loved, too.

It’s weird and overwhelming and it loops and whirls far above our heads,
But a cloudy day on Earth is better than a sunny day anywhere else –
That’s what they tell me, anyway.

Breathe out.
Take it down a little.
Feel yourself moving on Earth,
From long day into the dark star’s arms.

Fall into it, my friends.
Fall into it and embrace it back.
Let the rest go.
Dream well,
And may you awaken well into your tomorrow.
May we all do so together.

It’s been another good one. I’m glad we do this once a week. Until next time –

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