Thank You and Good Night, Unity Tuesday

Eff yeah!
Eff yeah!

As the holy light outside,
Though powerful with this waxing, bursting season,
Fades down to twilight and evening and night,
As our funny Mother Earth turns us yet again back into the gray,
We say thanks as we bid the day farewell.

Someday, we shall die.
Today, however, we lived.
Once more, for another one,
We lived.
We can scarcely be more grateful than in recognition of this.

We hope that we seized today’s opportunity,
We hope we treated others well and with kindness and light,
We hope we met adversity with hope and bright perspective,
We hope, dare we say it, to have traded on the day to our own advantage –
But also to the advantage of the world.

All these things we can hope together, we can consider – 
For one last moment – 
Before we let it slip away.
Slip away, slip away,
Good or bad,
Slip away.
The day is done so be ye rid,
Be ye rid the shackles of possibility and regret.

Tomorrow begins anew. 
Before we know it, dawn will come to the next Unity Tuesday.
So, in kinship with our friends the mountain hawks,
We smile, lower our foreheads to the ground in humility,
We say thanks and good night,
And we say them with love.

It’s been a pleasure. Go in peace and may your dreams be sweet.

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