Soft and Light into the Day: A Unity Tuesday Blessing



May we spring, soft of heart and light of step into the day,
The night is gone and we are awake;
Let us be glad to be awake.
It is good to be awake!

The full moon, too, has come and gone,
All tensions and notions associated with it
Will wane with it – 
May we let them go.
May we be glad to see them go.
May we wish them well.

The day is ours!
Comrades and antagonists alike,
We ride this ride together – 
May we together exit the month of May in triumph,
Not the triumph of battle-victory or material score,
But may it be the triumph of kinship.
Of Unity.
Insh’allah, may it be so.

May you greet everyone you meet with kindness,
And may the fruit you reap accord in corresponding bounty.
May you meet each challenge with a smiling heart,
And may you know to never frown at things, 
None of which are really so serious in the cosmos.

May you allow the sun to shine on you,
May no roof or wall separate you from the wonder of outer space.

This one’s going to be a good one – not because it feels like it but because we’ll make it so.

Happy Unity Tuesday. Salaam.

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