Celebrate the Fresh Green

What a special Saturday morning tomorrow will be. Go outside and take a deep breath of what hits you. Buds bursting everywhere, temperatures sparking upward, the fresh young sun just beginning to bake that dank post-winter earth. It’s a special day, it’s a special time of year, and it’s time to celebrate.

Life is coming back. Life has come back. We celebrated this a little bit at solstice time, and celebrated this some more at Easter, but look around you now–it’s here! And I always say that we never celebrate enough.

So celebrate with your friends in a circle. It’s celebration that brings us together, when all outside that circle is working to drive us apart. Celebrate those buds and those sparks and that new young blaze above you–and you can feel it within you pretty easily, too. Celebrate to collect your mind, celebrate to ease your soul. Celebrate a little every day because it’s sometimes all we’ve got, but celebrate a little bit extra today.

It’s April 20th and spring is REALLY here, and before we go out there to actually plant those seeds for this year’s crop, let’s celebrate the gifts of nature.

Happy 4/20 from the wizard, from my heart to yours.

Look at the exotic flower!
Look at the exotic flower!

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