Unity Tuesday: Fun and Games

One way to make the workday fun. For Unity Tuesday.
One way to make the workday fun. For Unity Tuesday.

Last week, in the spirit of experimentation, I put forth a very strange and partially nonsensical Activity Guide suggesting random things you might want to try on the off chance you think Unity Tuesday could use a little spice. I only tried a couple of them, and I suspect nobody else did any of them.

As if that has ever stopped me before!

Hopefully, you’ve managed to arrive here at mid-morning without doing too much work–but if you have, this is the answer to all of your problems right here. Behold, the slimmer, meaner, shinier Unity Tuesday Activity Guide 2.0:

  1. Sarcasm Bingo – maybe the best idea I’ve had in a month, and maybe the simplest game I’ve ever invented. Every time something happens that you don’t like, say out loud – it has to be out loud – “I am glad that I was just demeaned!” or “I love it that Jeremiah possesses such a joyfully low opinion of my worth!” or “I am thankful – I was hoping for extra work today.” Every time you do something like this, you mark a tally on your notebook (or in a Word document or something if you are paperless or whatever). Every time you get to five, you shout “Bingo!” It can turn into a dramatic competition, but in the end, everyone gets a trophy.
  2. Insanity Interview Party – this is something I suggested last week, and I meant to take my own suggestion, but I didn’t and I wish that I did. Seriously – bring your one AM dorm room hovels of a decade ago right into your office today! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! This game is also simple: turn to a random person, be it the one who sits next to you or passes you in the hall or your boss or your subordinate, and ask a very serious question that no one is expecting, and record any answers you get. Last week, my suggested interview question was What kind of ghosts do you think live in this building? For version 2.0, let’s add a couple more options. (If anyone else has some good ideas, by all means, lay them down in the comments section!) What do you think the chances are that everything is an illusion? Do souls have eyes – and, if not, how do they see? If an angel tried to get in here, would it die? 
  3. Gibberish  Jamboree – try to think of some kind of nonsense (or wisdom, if you have it, but nonsense is fine) and write it down. It could be a nonsense blurb or a limerick, a prayer or a Psalm or a brand new statement. Last week, I really did write a haiku at least, and I keep forgetting to share it. But if you hawk up some gibberish, and you save it all, you can ultimately find yourself with a Unity Tuesday Gibberish Collection.

Mostly, I picked games I’m okay with playing all by myself, since I will most likely be the only one who wants to do any of this. But the point isn’t the games, the point is to disrupt what you think your world is made of – what could more be said to be in the spirit of Unity Tuesday than that?

So remember, what you see with your eyes might be this–


–but that doesn’t really matter, because we can’t discount the possibility that reality is really this:


I’m still not done today – Unity Tuesday continues.

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