Good Morning, Unity Tuesday: Be the Best Speck you can Be!

Photo: Rachael Richardson

Unity Tuesday: if you’re reading it, you’re living it. Like it or not–but I promise you’ll have a better time if you just like it and go with it and be in it.

It’s a good thing to be in. All things are.

So let’s start the day with a little something to think about, a Trifling Ponderance, if you will:

It’s strange to be awake, isn’t it? Compared with the way things were before you woke up.
It’s strange to be alive, isn’t it? Compared with any of the alternatives.

The universe has lots of things in it,
But almost none of them are alive.
Of those few rare things which are alive,
Only a portion are ever awake at the same time,
And almost none of those things are conscious.

I am a member of an extreme Cosmic Minority Group.
I am outnumbered in the universe.
Mostly, I’m kind of a speck – a fun kind of speck.
Only stars are permitted just to blaze, only planets permitted to merely spin in circles –
Doing life is much, much weirder than that.

I think about my day as the planet spins me into it.
There are things I “have to do” today.
Some of them, I’m probably not going to like.
Yet I have found, after long and difficult years of labor,
That when I’m caught in liking and not liking, it’s the best time to laugh at myself.

I laugh at myself this morning,
I laugh at being awake,
I laugh at being alive,
I laugh at working, I laugh at stupid things,
I laugh at Unity Tuesday, and my communion with the world is laughter.

I will not do anything today for money.
I will not do anything today against my will or under pressure,
I will not do anything today that cannot be laughed at.
All that I will do today is do life;
That’s what I thank the skies for.

Talking to the globe, I say: “Let’s do this! Unity Tuesday: It’s gonna be a good one.”

It’s a beautiful day today, isn’t it?

This won’t be the last you’ll hear from me, either.

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