It is Today and we are Here!

This could be you.

Salaam! To all, a happy Unity Tuesday, which has blissfully arrived yet again!

Now, I’m not going to go toe-to-toe with Saturday or Sunday, and I’m not yet ready to compete with Friday (although we’ll get there), but of the remaining four days of the work week, who thinks we’ve made Tuesday the best of them all? I’m really interested to hear–tell me if I’m right or if I’m crazy. It’s been 12 weeks (or so) since we’ve started doing this little “challenge” and already I’m not sure how I ever lived without it before–and to think, all by simply attaching a little “Unity” to one end and approaching it a tiny bit differently.

This is about fun. And smiling. And having a good day. What better day to set about doing such things than Tuesday? Indeed, what better day than today?

So as an extra fun special treat for the only first Unity Tuesday of April, I present to you The Unity Tuesday Companion: An All-In-One Activity Worksheet! Now, if there are things you’ve already developed which you prefer to do on Unity Tuesday (and for some of you, that’s “ignore Unity Tuesday”, which is fine and normal), by all means, stick to the program that works. But then again, maybe you’ve never realized it before, but you’re looking to add a little spice to your Unity Tuesday. Maybe you’re looking to push the boundaries and see how weird and Tuesday United you can possibly be. So, to that end, this is by no means a comprehensive list. In fact, it is only the very beginnings of one.

Let’s start with some games we can play:

  1. Name That Ghost – turn to your neighbor and, very calmly, with a straight face, ask, “What sorts of ghosts do you think haunt this building?” If you feel like it, ask some other people as well. See what happens – you might even find that someone knows the right answer.
  2. Sarcasm Bingo – every time something bad happens, say out loud, “Boy, am I glad that happened,” and be sure to smile. Keep score. If you get to five, say “Bingo!” Then keep on playing. If anyone asks what you are doing, ask them if they want to play. Whoever has the most points at the end of the day wins.
  3. Meditation Charades – see how much of the day you can sit at your desk and appear on task while secretly meditating or experiencing mystical visions (this is my favorite game, and I intend to break records today).

Things to spend time thinking and talking and meditating about, only because Why Not?:

  1. Above you, there is a goddess stretched across the entire sky and she gives birth to the sun who turns into a magician who comes at you juggling clumps of stardust as he smiles and speaks and whole worlds are made manifest by his words. On the right side of your body, feel the mystical coins of the earth ask to enter your pocket. On the left side of your body, feel the electrical energy speeding up into you from the new spring earth and out of your fingertips.
  2. Consider that there is an imaginary or real world with things going on that exists, invisible to us, behind everything we see and do, right in the same space we’re in. Think about what is going on in that world.
  3. Think about destiny.

Scrap Mementos of Today and From Here:

  1. Set a five minute time limit, and write a little poem about Right Now.
  2. Set a two minute limit and invent your own Unity Tuesday Blessing.
  3. Set a six minute time limit, and write a special new prayer or meditation.
  4. Set a 90 second time limit and write whatever you can to best describe where here is.

Now, I am fully aware that these are all crazy ideas, but Unity Tuesday is, at its roots a crazy notion designed maybe to nudge us in the direction of our more proper and more wild condition walking across this earth. Nevertheless, I doubt highly that many will undertake any of these special activities. I can’t even promise that I will, but I’ll say this: whatever I come up with, I’ll share.

Happy Unity Tuesday. Whatever you do today, live.


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