Days of Opportunity

And so we arrive at 2013. Let us begin the New Year with a simple blessing:

In the coming year, as you travel to and fro, may smiling alpacas be waiting to greet you at the end of all your journeys.

To mark this important time of the year, celebrated by the planet itself on December 21 and joined by those who share our calendar today, we would be cheating ourselves if we neglected to take stock of our spiritual conditions (as we explored previously two months ago on Election Day).

We find ourselves presently in a time of immense activity, immense power (both all around and within us), and immense opportunity. No two ways about it, this is a very exciting and interesting time, and whether you consider this a good or a bad thing is entirely up to you. But right now, even as you read this, the stars that shine so bright brilliant on these clear and dark winter nights smile blessings down upon us. This is good fortune–not in the sense that only good things will happen to us, but in the sense that being smiled at is never a bad thing for any of us. You see, when you love the cosmos, the cosmos loves you back.

As was the case two months ago, we remain poised on the edge of a dramatic comeback, and we are now at the point when the corresponding spiritual activity is increasing rapidly. Old powers have been sacrificed in order that the new may be raised to life. Possibilities throughout the universe, previously only existing in their potential, are bursting forth into manifestation. The first signs of the new age are visible to the trained eye, and we can expect to find in our higher muscles a strength we are able to put to use to great effect and with great joy, strength we did not know ourselves to have accumulated over time. Changes are flashing all around us at an almost epileptic pace, and the gods themselves ride through the great Veil to deliver their cup of life to our homes and our world.

Indeed, the new world is upon us–like a work of art formed from the union of two great universal waves. The activities of the heavens and our seemingly banal activities on earth are beginning to act in concert. Yet, at such a delicate and significant time, we must remain aware that new aeons often begin with periods of darkness and painful growth, just like the winter months that lie ahead. We find ourselves presently with the skills and strength required to work the earth and derive life from it, and we possess within our hearts a harmony like a small rushing stream, should we choose to embrace it. While the light remains low, we can’t get distracted by lies or illusions or bullshit. Now is the time to get our affairs in order, to get immediately to work–but also to be mindful and allow ourselves rest. During the winter, nature’s energy builds quietly underground while she slumbers, and so we should let it be within ourselves. This is going to prove crucial if we wish to take advantage of the rare atmosphere of opportunity I assure you is all around us, even if it remains entirely unseen by our daily waking eyes.

For indeed, the light in the next two darkened and cold months is increasing. We know it has already won. The furnace of our light and our growth is already lit; now is the time to watch over it, to nurture it, to prepare it. We can’t rush anything, for our strength must still be saved for the right moment. Moderation of temperament is key. You don’t want to be lazy and complacent in your rest and waiting, but neither do you want to be pushy or overeager in your preparations. Instead, be watchful. If you look out for evil in its infancy, you will be able to find it. Finding it now, in these crucial months, you will be able to master it before it becomes a problem, and this will go a long way towards winning the future.

It all sounds very serious, but this is a time of great joy and tangible progress. It won’t be long before great winds are blowing through out world, the time when our fiery will is deployed as required, and the blaze of beauty increases to such a level that we’ll need to keep our distance for fear of being burned up by its flames. Right now, we’ve got the added benefit of good, strong energy that allows us to be quiet, to transcend the BS bombarding us at all times and yet also remain grounded and effective. Know during this time that what we put out from within us will be met halfway by positive forces outside of us.

Rest, recharge, and get ready. Above all else, remember that the nature of cycles teaches us that all things are temporary. Even the great spring that seems a distant paradise so far down the road will come and go and will not last forever.

Look up at the stars and smile, and know they are smiling back at you. Rest your soul, trust in the strength you’ve already developed, and let’s get to work.

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