The Comeback Cometh: A Special Election Day Message From the Wizard

No, this is not a what-if, anxiety-indulgent missive about Mitt Romney magically winning Pennsylvania and dramatically capturing the Presidency. Indeed, Romney will need much more than mere magic in order to make that happen.

Nor, in fact, do I write today for the purpose of analyzing today’s elections, predicting their outcome, or learning from their presumed lessons. There are plenty of other people doing that now, as they have been for the last two years, and there will be time aplenty for much more of this in the days to come.

In fact, I’m here this morning to give you the briefest of breaks from all of that, because you deserve it. We all do. During this brief respite, I invite you to explore with me the flip side of that very coin–the spiritual state of the union–and I make this invitation because it’s part of my very loose job description as a wizard. In that shadowy, intangible realm, where do we find ourselves as a people? What is our condition and our opportunity? What is going on in the world we can’t see?

Actually, the fact that we believe ourselves unable to see the colors of the spiritual is more indicative of our condition itself than it is of our abilities. Even in the most skeptical of realities, the signs are all around us.

It would surprise no one if I said that we are aimless and disjointed as a spiritual people. That the people are generally confused or misled by their surroundings and distracted by the trappings and pressures of the way we’ve come to live is quite obvious. The notion that we are a trivial people, that we effectively block our own progress and redemption with our indulgent temperaments and destructive habits is an old and simple one. It does not require a wizard to definitively declare any of these things.

It will likewise surprise no one if I describe our current circumstances as murky and dangerous. Half of you probably feel that way already, and the other half expects someone who describes himself as a wizard (or a prophet or a revivalist or any such thing) to claim that the world is murky and dangerous. Still, let’s not allow the obvious or predictable nature of the statement cause us to overlook it entirely. After all, we are in danger of destroying our environment, aren’t we? Aren’t we also in danger of losing our compassion and our conscience just as we’ve already lost our unity and (arguably) our liberty? Pretty murky if you ask me. Nothing really to sniff at.

But that’s not all it is. I’m not here to tell you about the hope we can derive from nice wholesome rebels currently training far away on a desert planet and I’m not here to tell you to smile because all hope comes from within. But what I’ve just described involves merely the thin surface level. These underlying conditions can apply to many periods of time and can ultimately mean just about anything. If you find yourself in the middle of a massive storm, the fact that you can see lots of clouds and rain doesn’t really answer the question of when (or whether) the storm will end, or even the question of what you should do in the meantime.

For that, we have to examine a very broad context. To look at that context in a linear format in which we advance ever onward into a “future” with nothing more than a sequential relationship to the “past,” to imagine everything as progress in a straight line, is as insufficient as trying only to analyze what we see of clouds and rain. It insults our pride to imagine that we are not, at present, going where no man has gone before, that we are not eternal frontiersman on the front line of time, but ego has never been a particularly helpful tool for observation. We’re not sitting on the edge of a line. We’re riding around in a circle. Everything is a circle, an orbit. Our story goes onward not as an endless stacking of year-marks, but as a repeating cycle of phases and ages. The useful truth is found only when we discover where we are in the cycle. It tells us what the present means, and it tells us what is coming.

What may actually come as a surprise, at least at first, is that the current situation, the one in which we are blocked from the light and the air and almost snuffed out–this very scenario is the mechanism by which the forces of harmony and essence make their advance. When this process is further along, of course, it will be clearly revealed in hindsight. Right now, it’s hard to imagine. But I’m telling you that it’s real. It doesn’t seem like it, but it is.

Think of a little subterranean blade of grass bumping up against one final rock that it must grow around before it breaks through the surface.

The pain we feel are pains of growth, pains even perhaps of birth. I speak not of the New Jerusalem or even the Old Zion. Now is not the time to talk about triumphs and utopias and end times. All of that is so far off and distorted that I’d be a bad wizard to dangle that in front of your face. But that’s not to say there’s nothing for us to look forward to.

We can look forward to the Comeback.

It is hard to see, within the chaos of birth, that the new order of the future is already present in the room. I tell you today that we possess already an immense strength we don’t even know about. Whenever the mighty manifestations of the Days to Come make their first appearance, they are rarely recognized. But they are here already. We have an immense and joyful strength just beneath and behind what we can readily perceive. Already alongside us is the juggling magician, Logos, who promises to upset the prevailing order and who cannot be stopped.

And yet if all are deceived and none see any of this, and yet it is so, should we not then immediately mount the insurrection, proclaim the good news, and claim what is rightfully ours?

No, indeed. The current spiritual state of the union is not nearly so delicious. In fact, finding ourselves upon the precipice of a new dawn and a new land, we must above all things hold back for now. Now is not the time to make our move. We’re in no position and the results would be disastrous. Instead, we must balance that impetuous fire we feel surging within with skill, subtlety, and swift motion against only that which is manageable today. We must be prepared, even when our efforts are at their most blessed, to face accidental interference, to be misinterpreted and unappreciated, even for the cruelty of the Inquisitor’s temper. The key is simple: keep on working, keep on going, do not be deterred. Work on your own mind, gather and cultivate the light and the truth you’re able to find around you.

The Comeback is coming soon.

Following along the road with as much love as we can muster, we are likely to travel through mysterious–even terrifying–places under the light of a smirking moon, before we see the Goddess waiting to embrace us.

The Comeback.

That’s the good news right there for you today. The Comeback is not an end unto itself, but it’s a massive step in the right direction. It’s that moment–embodied fully by the winter solstice–when the darkness loses its ability to advance and the light can begin its march again. It need not be forced. It need not be imposed or evangelized. Its nature is spontaneous, bursting forth as we reach a moment of vitality against the night, and then things can roll forward with a little bit of inertia. This isn’t going to happen after you die or in some age to come. I tried to say it already–I’m not a tease. It’s coming soon enough, and requires very little of you. But if you want to take advantage of this knowledge, to start today, begin to prepare. Begin to refine. Begin to do what you can to help.

Our skill and perseverance at our labors stands on one side. The tranquility of our dreams stands on the other. Facing one another, these two aspects of our experience  are going through the very early stages of a merger that will produce in full the world of our very near future. The image is that of a wedding.

Take heed of the dangers that surround you and don’t get caught in the trap of haste. We can’t fix longstanding wrongs overnight. Instead, we must get to work–eyes open and fully aware that a switch is about to be flipped.

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